Sunday, April 24, 2011

Watch For T-Mobile Moves To See if iPhone Is Coming

It's late April and there is still no iOS demo from Apple.  However, Boy Genius Report is showing off some pictures with a demo or engineering white iPhone unit working on T-Mobile's network.  Yes, this is kinda of like a rumor.  No one knows what this truly means and it opens the door for fun speculation.  

So, does this mean that the iPhone is coming to T-Mobile?  Well, let's just say that it will.  What we are not sure about is whether by the time the iPhone makes it over to T-Mobile, T-Mobile will still be called T-Mobile or it'll be called AT&T.  

But there is a way to find out.  Just before Verizon got the iPhone back in February, there were signs.  AT&T made moves to try to lock in iPhone users deep into their contract, 12 months in, by enticing them with early upgrades.  Then also, Verizon made some moves with its cancellation penalties.  

Right now, I would look to see if T-Mobile makes similar moves that mirror what AT&T and Verizon did.  It is probably a stronger indication that it is getting the iPhone than some ambiguous pictures from Asia.

Note:  T-Mobile doesn't just operate in the US.  So I wonder if the photos in BGR's report are from other T-Mobile territories.

More at BGR.

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