Monday, May 16, 2011

iPhone Hardware Surpassed iOS in terms of Power

Right now, the iPad 2 is awesome in that it's fast.  Very fast.  But that's limited to some apps and tasks. For the most part, I can't tell the different between playing Angry Birds on the origial iPad versus the iPad 2.  So, the question is if hardware development as advanced far beyond the needs of iOS 4 or even 5?

Here's a most that kind of question this issue.  

It's worth thinking about some more.  We know that Apple has a way to get us to upgrade by cripple certain features in favor of newer iOS devices over older ones.  Still, a hack here or there via jail-break can usually bring some of these missing features back to the older models.

Other than Apple's artificially placed limitations, I don't see anything that iOS 5 can bring that the iPhone 4 cannot handle.  Obviously, we know nothing about iOS 5 yet and my declaration here is premature.  And I certainly hope to be wrong about this.

Also, take Nvidia who is readying a four-core Tegra.  Apple probably should and will work on their own version as well.  And when that time comes, will we see a even greater gap between the iOS hardware and the need of iOS to use all that power?

More at Computerworld.

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