Tuesday, May 10, 2011

iWeb and iOS: iWeb On Life-Support But Hoping iOS Needs Will Resuscitate It

iWeb has pretty much been written off by many users.  As an iWeb user, who find it limiting but also ease to use as well, i had hoped that Apple would have greatly improved iWeb with a few asked about features that we dreamt about since version one.  Alas, none of that came to pass.

I'm not ready to write it off until WWDC, the likely event for Apple to make some splash about MobileMe.  See iWeb is kinda of tied into MobileMe if you want to use the iWeb to publish your own website.  Again, there were a lot of limitations but because of vast potentials, many loyal users stuck with it.  It's typical behavior for Apple and its users.  Apple come out with a new app that shows great promise and users stuck around to see it grow into something special.  

I'm touching on this today because I've been using Rapidweaver for another side project of mine and also that Sandvox 2.0 came out today and I figure it's a good opportunity to share what I hope Apple has in-stored if iWeb and the self-publishing component of MobileMe is to survive.

I'm hoping Apple will announce an updated iWeb as a standalone product that is more tied into iWork.  While I don't necessarily want to see it happen, iWeb can be merged with Pages.  If done right, it can be a fantastic product.  Or Apple might go the route of making iWeb more iOS friend and allow users to create their own webapp or standalone iOS app.  

Don't think so?  Apple did release an application that makes it easier for developers to make iAd.  So, it stands to reason that perhaps Apple can take some of that and make it easier for mere mortals like myself to create rudimentary apps - even sell them or include iAds as well

Furthermore, and updated iWeb along with a more social oriented MobileMe could give Apple the ammunition to capitalize on the social network craze and leverage its legions of loyal Mac and iOS users.  Ping was a misfire but I think Apple is quick learner.

Regardless of what Apple decides to do with iWeb, it should not give up on it.  It is too important of an avenue for content creation, especially of for the iOS.  Facebook has, well, Facebook, Google has Blogger and Webapps, and Microsoft has Facebook and Wordpress that it partnered with.  While iOS has app support for all of the mentioned social and blogging platform, there is none that Apple can use as its own. 

Perhaps it had hoped to use Ping  Oh, and let's not forget Game Center.  iWeb can be the glue to ties in every social component that Apple has or will have in the future and allow the user to use iWeb to publish it only one platform. 

That's my hope for iWeb, the ability to continue to publish to website with added social components as well as added mobile features like app creation.

How likely is this to happen?  Given Apple's focus is traditionally on the larger picture, there are enough social apps in the App Store and Web publishing is less and less of a component that people these days are focused on.  Rapidweaver, Sandbox, and not to mention, Dreamweaver, are three great tools for beginners on up.  

iWeb will not be missed if it does disappear.  Nevertheless, iWeb is specially because it has that special Apple designed feel to it that no other companies has been able to duplicate.

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