Saturday, June 25, 2011

Albeit Slower, T-Mobile Only Option For Unlimited Wireless Access For iPad

Guess what? I am writing this post from the iPad. Now, you know that I've done that for eons. Others have done this as well. What's different this time around is the wireless connection that I am using. Posting through T-Mobile's EDGE.

With the GSM 3G iPad model, I am limited to AT&T in the United States. There is T-Mobile but a couple of things prevent most users from using their iOS devices with T-Mobile. Most users. I like to consider myself as more adventurous when it comes to my mobile needs.

See, the issue facing T-Mobile users from is that the 3G network and the iOS devices are not compatible. Hence, you're limited to EDGE speed even if you are able to get it work. Secondly, Apple has switched over to using micro sim cards. And those micro sim cards are not provided by T-Mobile.

So even if you're willing to go with the slower wireless speed, the sim card issue remains an obstacle. However, if you're willing to take the EDGE speed, you'll need to figure out a way to get your regular sim card into the micro lot.

So I went ahead and made the cuts. There are plenty of examples online on how to do this well. I read a couple and watched a few videos.

When it came time to do it, I ruined a couple of sim cards. I simply don't have the skills with razor blades. Instead, I figured out an easier way. Trust me.

A very pair of scissors. Yup. That's it. Cut around the metal part. Cut away the edges. Thats the easy part. Then there is some trimming the sim card into the smaller slot.

Make sure you it in the right direction. It didn't work the first time. I had thought I ruined another sim card. I took it out of the iPad and switched it around.

Whoola! Unlimited EDGE access.

-- Post From My iPad

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