Friday, June 17, 2011

Ani-Virus Maker Wants An Open Insecured iOS So They Can Sell Anti-Virus Apps

Kaspersky, anti-virus maker, thinks Apple ought to open up the iOS because it is concerned that Android is kicking the iPhone's butt.  That concern is heart felt if not for the fact that the iOS as a whole is a bigger mobile platform than Android (including iPod touch and iPad) and that its has not been able to make money off of Apple's success like other app makers are.

According to Kaspersky CTO, he's worried about Apple's walled garden being competitive with Android.  

Okay...dude, just come out and say it.  And open iOS means you can sell anti-virus softwares to users who currently don't have a need for it.  And open iOS means it'll be inherently more insecure, allowing a bunch of apps with malware to enter the app stores like what's going on with Android.  

Just, this week, Google removed 10 apps with malware alone.  What Kaspersky should be doing is to promote its services to Android users like myself worried the increasing malware threats.  Not trump up idiotic statements like the iOS needing to be open so it can be competitive.

Even Android blogsite, Phandroid is promoting the idea that Google needs to lock down the marketplace some more.  So, Kaspersky dude, better do what you can before Google makes you obsolete too.

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