Friday, June 17, 2011

Apple Escalates Copycat Lawsuit Against Samsung; Sammy Needs To Also Watch Its Six For Nokia

Today, Apple escalated its copycat and patent lawsuit against Samsung, one of Apple's largest sources for parts used in its iOS arsenal.  The epic battle between Apple and Nokia ended earlier this week and it probably freed up a lot of resources for Apple to go after Samsung, which is really a shot a Google.

If anyone thought this would go away quietly, he or she could not have been any more wrong about anything in his or her life.  This battle will span continents and just about all other Android handset makers will be looking out for this.  Take the blatant copycat iPhone 4 running Android on sale at Sears.  (Doesn't seem like a bad device either.)

While I cannot see where Samsung has copied Apple, I'm not a patent lawyer so I cannot for sure.  Maybe a couple of devices but the Galaxy tablets?  Hmmm...

Anyway, Samsung could be facing a new foe in the courts if not the marketplace soon.  Nokia, reinvigorated by its win over Apple, could be looking for more.  And while Apple has yet to go after Google directly, Nokia probably doesn't have a problem with that.  

So while all the Android folks are looking at the Apple-Samsung dust-up, they need to be watching their sixes for Nokia.

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