Thursday, June 30, 2011

Green: Spark, Mobile Solar Charger For Your Mobile Needs - One Step Closer To Self-Sustainability

This is a mobile blog but at times I also like to chime in on green tech as well.  And rarely do I get to talk about both in the same post.  And this is one of them.  Check out this solar charger bag, the Spark, that can charge up your iPad, other iOS devices, Androids, or other mobile gadgets.

The Treehugger post I got this from mentioned that it's for the iPad but I surmise it's their way of drumming up clicks (like I don't do this at all…tongue in cheek).  It provides power for so much mower than Apple's gears.  They mentioned other tablets and smartphones as well.  That's because it has a USB attachment that allows you to use it for various devices that can be powered/charged through this ubiquitous connection.

It's small enough with a 2 watt solar panel.  On an iPad, and probably an other comparable sized tablet, an hour in the sun also gives an hour of video playback.  

My initial thought about this was that it would be perfect for camping trip.  Then again, it would be perfect for just about any outdoor type of work or excursion.  At the same time, as a guy who likes to prepare for eventualities, this device could be critical in the event of a disaster and power is cut off.  As nice as the tablets are in providing 10-12 hours of battery life, once that power is used up, it's gone.  If the electrical grid is knocked out for some reason, well, this little guy could come in handy.  

However…there always is a however.  It costs $299.  It's not cheap.  On the other hand, given what it's capable of, the Spark could make a whole lot of difference.  

Having said all that, this is only a tiny step towards what I like as far as green power and mobile goes.  Self-sufficiency.  That's the kind of person I am.  I've bought a bunch of solar lamps and garden lightings from Ikea that I use indoor instead of out.  It's pretty awesome.  I was very happy with the small investment.

I think the Spark would be a right step in towards fulfilling this mobile/green vision in some settings.  It's good enough but I'm still looking at that solar setup that can powerful my whole house without breaking the bank.

If you're looking for something like this, the Spark is one of the best solar charger for mobile devices I've seen.  Honestly, I had expected this to cost in the neighborhood of $500.  And again, it charges all devices that can be charged through a USB port.

Source:  Treehugger.

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