Friday, July 1, 2011

If You Want To Join Google Plus

UPDATE:  It seems that Google closed this loop-hole.  It's no longer working.  Once official invitations start up again, I'll be more than happy to let people know about it. 

Google has locked down additional invitation to their Plus social network due to high demand.  But Android Community posted this workaround.  

I've successfully added three friends so far.  I'm on a mission to help those migrate to Plus from Facebook.  If you're interested, drop me an e-mail at  I don't want you putting your e-mails in the comment section where everyone can read it.  I'll try to get to you as soon as I've got time tonight.

Again, it's worked for three of my friends.  I don't know how much longer this will work.  Idea is like this.  I'll send you an update via e-mail.  You'll get an e-mail from Google that I've updated my stream.  Then simply clicked on the "Learn more about Google+" pic and it should work after that.

I know everyone's excited about this and I'm happy to help.  If after you get Plus access and you don't want to be my friend after that, I'd understand.  E-mail me again and I'll remove you.  Privacy is very important to me.  

Good luck!

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