Thursday, June 23, 2011

T-Mobile Announces 1M iPhone Users On Its Network Hoping To Capitalize On Unlocked iPhone 4

1 Million T-Mobile customers are also iPhone users.  Most are still using pre-iPhone 4 devices but more than a few have taken the knife to their sim card and turned it into a micro sim to fit the iPhone 4.

It's interest that just now, T-Mobile is bring this up.  Why?  

The most likely reason is that Apple has begun selling unlocked iPhone 4 in the US and T-Mobile, while in the midst of a merger with AT&T, hopes to take advantage of the change.

If you think about it, that is about $90 million extra dough iPhone users pay T-Mobile each quarter to access 3G data.  And not only that, while we pay for 3G access, we only get EDGE because the iPhones does not run on T-Mobile's 3G network  

So for about $300 million a year that T-Mobile earns, it makes sense to advertise this seemingly insignificant figure.  Oh, and to make it easier on us, T-Mobile is working on securing micro sim cards so we don't have to cut up ours.

So attracting users who are willing to bring their unlocked iPhone over to T-Mobile is the reason why I think they've come out with this 1 million iPhone sub press release.  There has been no hard evidence that T-Mobile will be getting the iPhone this fall.

Source:  9to5mac.

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