Tuesday, June 14, 2011

T-Mobile Should Take Advantage Of Opportunity Unlocked iPhones Present

Should the deal between T-Mobile not go through, it would need to be in a position to once again find a way to find to get back all those customers that they've lost.

Unlocked iPhones might be the ticket here. A great number of unlocked iPhone users remained with T-Mobile through the years because of the customer service and the fact that AT&T was unreliable.

T-Mobile should give anyone who uses an unlocked iPhone 4 on its network credit that will go towards a contract.

For three reasons. One, there users are going out there to buy their own devices, unsubsidized. Second, these iPhones will not run on T-Mobile's 3G network. And lastly, it'll help stem losses.

In fact, T-Mobile should offer an EDGE only data plan for anyone who uses an unlocked iPhone with a voice plan.

These are subscribers any way you put it. And right now, T-Mobile needs them more than ever, merger with AT&T not withstanding.

Note: I stream Netflix on my iPhone over T-Mobile's EDGE now and for a hiccup here and there, it works great for the most part.

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