34% of iPhone Users & 29% of Android Users Think They Have 4G When They Don't

According to Macrumors, 34% of iPhone users think they have 4G and digging deeper into Retrevo, the company that conducted the survey, 29% of Android users think they have 4G.

I had expected that iPhone users are smart and more educated about their circumstances but after the initial read of the post, I thought "wow, iPhone users are stupid".  But doing a second and more thorough read, the reasons became clear.

The 4G being marketed by AT&T and T-Mobile certainly doesn't help.  You know, and I know, and most people know (66% of iPhone users and 71% of Android users) know that it's not true 4G.  But the marketing is marketing.  How those two carriers are allowed to do this is very perplexing and disingenuous.  

I like what Retrevo is suggesting.  We need to know what the clear speeds are from carriers.  AT&T is probably scared of this because they now have one of the slowest networks in the US.  And only Verizon among the major carriers have an LTE network while Sprint uses WiMax. 

Personally, I have had friends who came up to me about 4G and I did have to explain the current market situation in some detail.  Surprisingly, most do know what's going on.  Also, I did have someone at the Apple store crow about the "4G" advantage from AT&T over Verizon's 3G network.


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