Thursday, July 7, 2011

Amazon Can Still Use "App Store"; Apple Denied; What Now?

According to Computerworld, Apple was denied injunction against Amazon using the term "app store". Rather, Amazon's version, "Appstore" without the space. It was to be expected given a series of questions from the judge that questioned Apple's position that "app store" was unique to its own iTunes ecosystem. So what now?

It's like that Apple will not be able to get the court to come down on its side. It's curious why that won't be the case since it was Apple that first come up with the terminology two years ago. On top of that, with Microsoft's "Windows", it don't really get any more generic than that.

When Apple eventually loses, I can totally see Apple abandon the use of "app store" all together and reinvent the whole category with something that it can trademark. So, in a year's time or so, get ready to be re-educated by Steve Jobs and company.

And you can get the media, especially those of us in the blog world, to fall into line.

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