Tuesday, July 26, 2011

App Store and Mac Store Are Now Open To 33 New Countries and Territories

Effectively immediately, the iOS app store and the Mac store are now open to 33 new countries and territories.  It's All Tech has the full list.

However, the listen doesn't really say anything.  I reckon most of the people in the world have not heard of half the countries and territories part of the list of 33.  So, I went to Wikipedia and added up the population to give us a perspective.

In all, the 33 new fronts has a combined population of around 375 million with Nigeria account for 155 million alone.  Together, they have a combined GDP of 850 billion USD.  

I can't say that this means much.  Nor do I think these territories have that many Macs or iOS devices.  Having said that, it is better to for Apple and developers to be ready once Apple finds a way to increase its presence in these new markets.

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