Monday, July 11, 2011

Apple Can Turn Notification Center Into A Social Media Aggregator

Can Apple's Notification Center become a center piece where all app notifications, gaming, and social updates converge – an umbrella or sort that ultimately make it irrelevant which platform the user supports?

I can simply go to the NC and read updates, post comments, retweet, or simply lurk as some on social network users do, reading up on updates from friends and families.  All of this is done without leaving NC.

Or I can get an invitation, reminder, or meeting time from other calendars (Google) and important to my iCloud calendar with ease.  Again, without having to go into a specific app or entering my iPhone's calendar app.  

Obviously, it cannot do everything but it can probably do everything well enough and eliminate the couple of steps to go into an app, wait for it to launch, and then work through it. 

This approach would allow Apple to make iOS' Notification Center the foundation for to build on the whole experience.  And there is talk that iMessage could be coming to the Mac as well.  I certainly hope to see a Mac version of the Notification Center in future OS X updates.  Should that happen, Apple could go a step further and eventually integrate iMessage, Calendars, Weather, and a few other widgets directly to the Notification Center, dramatically simplifying the user experience.

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