Thursday, July 14, 2011

Apple To Unify All Social Networks

Is Apple about to out-Facebook Facebook or double-plus Google? Is Apple going to be the check-in place to rule all other check-in apps? Okay, none of what I wrote in the previous sentences make a lot of sense. So how about this? Apple’s newest patent, is a reflection of what it thinks about social networks and services. Apple wants its app on the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and Mac to engage multiple social networks, not just one, and let the user combine all his or her social needs in one place.

In fact, 9to5Mac has found some fields the still beta iOS 5 that indicate fields for other social networks. Google’s Plus is likely not included since it’s so new.

On top of that, Apple can allow the user to integrate its own quasi-social services like Ping, Game Center, FaceTime, iMessage. Write one message on iMessage and send it to Facebook and/or Twitter at the same time.

On a side note, remember how Facebook wouldn't play nice with Apple’s Ping? With Google Plus easier and better to use and growth like weeds, look for Facebook to come crawling back to accept Apple’s terms to get on iOS devices and iTunes.

Source: 9to5Mac.

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