ATT Settling Self Up For Lawsuits?

ATT is looking at throttling unlimited data plan users.  It doesn't matter if the user is an Android or iPhone user.  Or any platform for that matter. 

This is coming from multiple sources on the Web so it could be ATT looking to trying to let the information leak, simmer a bit, and take the temperature.  

With the merger with T-Mobile on the line, it doesn't seem like a smart move to make at all.  By anyone's standard, this is a bad thing, my fellow mobile warriors.  And I'm talking about the throttling but you're welcome to throw the merger into the mix of this bad.

The other side of this issue I've got is that many bloggers seem to be taking in stride.  They should be pissed off.  All I know is that should Sprint get the iPhone, I wish there would be a mass exodus from ATT and Verizon. 

Sprint is now the last of the carriers that offer unlimited and unthrottled data plans.


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