Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Green and iPhone - It's All In the Apps

Just as much as I like to talk about the iPhone, I am also very passionate about trying to be as carbon neutral as possible. Living in LA, it's very hard. With my busy schedule, it's mostly one small step at a time for me. Buying locally grown food. Taking public transportion despite a fifty-fifty chance that I may throw up each time I step onto a bus or train. Then I came across this list of five iPhone apps for staying or trying to stay green as it is in my case.

I particularly like Carbon Tracker, which tracks your carbon footprint, and Green Genie, a social network for green, recycling, and conservation efforts. I think I'll go ahead and download the other three. The Green Gas Saver isn't for me but I think I'll give it a chance anyway.

How about Android, Blackberry, and Windows Phones users? Any good apps you can suggest for other users

Source: Cleantechnica.

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