Saturday, July 30, 2011

I Am Early For Dinner; Mobile Helps Diffuse Frustration

I like spending time with friends and families so generally when I am out, I leave some personal issues and worries at home. They get in the way of fun. I marvel at my ability to do this.

Being fashionably late, especially in Los Angeles, seems to be something that more people are taking to a whole new level. But with my mobile devices with most of the time, I have had something to do while I wait 15 minutes or half and hour while people I am having dinner with or just meeting up for coffee shows up.

And as I write this post, I am an hour early. Actually, no. The people I am having dinner with are an hour behind. Again, this is entirely fine with me. Most of the time, I am okay with it.

I got a chance to update my calendars, fire off a couple of emails, mod a pic I tool this morning donating blood and write a couple of journal entries (both on my phone and actual moleskin notebook).

In recent years, I almost never leave home without something to distract myself with. Before the smartphones, I had my Palm devices.

And before that? I shudder to think about those time. I recall being frustrated a lot.

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