Friday, July 29, 2011

iPad 3: Separating Reality From Rumors; Possibility of a Smaller Tablet

iPad 3 is coming. It's not coming.  It'll have a high rez screen but it'll cost more than the regular iPad 2.  Oh, and Apple may or may not be lining up manufacturers to make it.

If you're a close watcher of Apple, the historical progression of rumors and such all tells us one thing.  There obviously is a successor to the iPad 2 but it will not be coming until Q1 of 2012 at the earliest.  

Right about now, Apple is ramping up production of the iPhone 5. That means for the iPad 3 to make a fall, even a late fall, debut, Apple will have to start production real soon.  And according Taiwan Economic News, to Apple is still finalizing suppliers to make it. Furthermore, does Apple really want to be concentrating on two brand new products at the same time?  

And let's not forget the annual iPod refresh as well.  

So, iPhone, iPod and iPad 3.  That's quite a lot in the mix.  Then there are some of the Macs that will need to be refreshed as well.  If anyone can handle all this, it would be Apple.  Still, an iPad 3 launch is an unnecessary move at this point.  

Speculations.  I think Apple might still surprise us with something brand new.  And addition to the existing product.  I think there is an outside chance but still a chance that we'll see a bigger sized iPod touch with a screen 5-7".  I'm going to make you come back later for what I think is strong evidence of this.

So in conclusion, no iPad 3.  But I hope I'm wrong.  I can sure use a higher resolution tablet, not that I've got anything to complain about my iPad 2.

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