Thursday, July 28, 2011

Korean Carrier Confirms We Are Inching Closer To iPHone 5; No 64GB Model?

9to5Mac has a screen shot of Korea Telecom's fulfillment system that is more evidence that the iPhone 5 is, and I can happily say this, weeks away. Though, how many weeks exactly, no one knows.

What's interesting is that they've got a placeholder for the 16 GB and 32 GB. Is anyone hoping for 64 GB model?

There is also a third placeholder with two zero's so it's hard to discern more information about the iPhone 5's storage.

Again, it could be just KT, like the rest of us, eagerly anticipating the arrival of the next iPhone and wanted to set the table for when it does arrive.

There is a bit of information at 9to5mac about the third placeholder I'm gonna make you click over to their website to find out.

Source: 9to5Mac.

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