Friday, July 22, 2011

Kycera Phone For The Elderly With Emergency, Notification, And Pedometer; Is There An App For This?

This mobile phone comes from the maker of my first MP3 player, Kyocera. It's elegant in its simplicity. And from TechCrunch's post, it seems to be marketed at elderly. I'm not so sure, I think children can use this as well.

It has a pedometer, simple buttons and UI, and it has a feature that in the event of an emergency, it would trigger an e-mail to a caretaker. Again, children can really benefit from this kind of mobile tech. If I had kids and was to give them phones, I would want this latter feature.

Having said all that, this could easily be duplicated within an app for most mobile platforms. There are plenty of pedometer out there that just need a few tweaks that can do what this phone can do. Apple already has Nike+ built into its mobile devices and I am sure other devices makers can do the same with similar features.

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