Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Leaked Info That China Telecom To Start Selling iPhone late 2011 Could Be Apple Ploy

I don't know why this news is out now but I am sure this leak was not accidental or a wink-wink type. There was a lot of details involved.

According to Appleinsider, Apple will offer the iPhone to China Telecom to run on its CDMA network.

Ordinarily, Apple swears its partners regarding deals to total secrecy. But this leak had the taste of previous ones that suggests it was someone close to Apple who authorized it.

Why now? A couple of reasons come to mind. Apple's earnings will be out next week. Could this be a way to give the stock a bump if Apple misses earnings estimates? After all, even if Apple does meeting or slightly beat estimates, it may not be enough to the hedge funds or Overtly demanding investors who swear only by the whisper numbers.

Or it could be a ploy in Apple's negotiation with other Chinese mobile carriers like China Mobile.

If two of its main competitors start offering the iPhone before it does, maybe that is enough for a deal more favorable to Apple be agreed upon.

Obviously, I could be wrong. This Reuters report which Appleinsider referenced came during Asian trading hours. Maybe it was someone at CT who jumped the guy on the announcement.

But I still think this smells more of an Apple leak.

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