Saturday, July 30, 2011

MacBook Air 11" - Good Enough To Replace the MacBook?

Apple recently moved to disrupt the laptop market by removing the white MacBook from public market and replaced it with the 11" MacBook Air. It seems to be as a big a deal as the the release of Lion, Apple's newest OS, and new hardware.

There was a few reasons for this. First, solid state drives are going mainstream. they are fast and has less moving parts that makes traditional hard drives more prone to failure.

Second, iCloud will supplant local storage. Gone are the nice big storage for music and video. Access to your media and files are all going to be on Apple's servers.

Third, the Airs are super thin and has no room for SuperDrive. Physical media like the DVD and CD-ROM are on the way out. Sharing videos will take place on sites like YouTube. And if you want to watch a video, download or stream it.

Fourth, reverse scrolling will be preparing millions ready for the tablets.

Put all that together and you can clearly see that Apple is getting rid of the old and ushering the next stage mobile computing.

The question is whether the general public will be receptive. I can see many people lamenting about the loss of the SuperDrive and smaller storage.

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