Monday, July 25, 2011

Mozilla - Firefox To Become Mobile OS

"Boot to Gecko" is Mozilla's answer to Chrome OS and new entry into the mobile market.  And it will not be for netbooks but also tablets and phones.  And it seems like Mozilla is taking aim directly at Google and trying to do for the mobile in ways that Android has failed to do.  Failed in what ways depends on your perspective.

Mozilla promises real-time openness without Google's invisible hands and the times when Google controls things with Android that is not entirely transparent.  In essence, The Firefox OS or whatever it'll be called will be truly open in ways that Android is not.

Now, you've noticed that I don't want to call this exciting new project by its current given name because it is pretty lame.  "Boot to Gecko"?  Please, Mozilla.  I think Firefox OS sounds better, don't you think?

And yes, this is very exciting news if Mozilla can truly come through.  We need more competitors in the mobile market than not.  One thing I think Mozilla has to be conscious of is that it will avoid stepping on the toes of the current incumbent OS patent-wise.  

The ultimate goal is "breaking the stranglehold of proprietary technologies over the mobile device world".  I know that sounds good.  Let's see it happen.

Does it really have a chance to compete against Google's Chrome and Android?  There could be a core group of mobile warriors, "purists" I like to call them, who are likely going to endorse this Firefox OS wholeheartedly.  I wish them the best.  Again, there is no words on how to get around current patent restrictions, the overwhelming lead that Android and iOS have, or if Mozilla has any heavy weight tech companies supporting it.

Still, we should be watching this closely.  Maybe it might not work to the extent we hope but it could at least keep Google more honest with Chrome OS and Android, both of which are neither open and has become more and more proprietary with each release

Source:  CNet.

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