Tuesday, July 26, 2011

RIM CEOs Not Among 2,000 RIM Employees Being Let Go

I don't know if the two RIM CEOs work for a $1 like Steve Jobs but I do know that they are not among the 2K+ RIM employees that will soon be getting their walking papers.  And as for being the two guys that make RIM such a dominant force in mobile enterprise communication, they are also the forces behind what has happened to RIM to this date.  To be fair, RIM is still growing and is still a cash cow but growth as slowed as Apple attempts to usurp RIM's enterprise mantle.

So, the fact that the two CEOs who failed to recognize the fast changing pace of the smartphone and tablet market will continue to take the company in the same direct they've been going the last couple of years is just how life is.  Ten years from now, the ideal situation would be that blogs would talk about how back in 2011, there was so much pressure to remove them from their posts as CEOs and had the company caved, RIM would not be the power house it will be in 2021.

Somehow, I don't think that will happen.  I just hope that RIM will still be around in one form or another ten years from now, still profitable to a degree, and that we will not be lamenting what a mistake it was to keep those two in place.

Note:  One thing companies have to learn from Apple regarding dark times is that it has to assess its products, do a truly soul-searching, and innovate its way out of the problem.  Cutting 2,000 jobs doesn't seem like the way to do it.  

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