Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Why Are Blogs Suddenly Waking Up To Old T-Mobile Data Plans; New Value Plans Is Where Focus Should Be

T-Mobile supposedly released new data plans that do no include penalties if the subscriber goes over the limitation of the data plan.  I thought it was like this all along.  Interesting that this is just now getting attention by several blog sites.  It's the upcoming value plans that allow family or multi-line plans to share data that is more significant.

In the past, T-Mobile had always advertised its plans as unlimited.  And once a certain allotment of 3G access has been reached, T-Mobile will throttle the user down to EDGE speed  Of course, this pales in comparison to true unlimited data plans offered by Sprint.  Still, what T-Mobile is doing is better than the two biggest and most greedy mobile carriers, ATT and Verizon Wireless do:  they charge customers extra for going over their data rations.

What is more significant is the new value plans is T-Mobile is offer. They offer data plans even for family with different amounts of 3G data.  Once those limits have been reached, T-Mobile will throttle everyone back down to EDGE speed until the beginning of the next billing cycle.

I can totally be convinced of this of going this route.  I just recently got a new Virgin Mobile plan with 300 minutes of talk time and unlimited data for $25.  I also picked up an iPhone with unlimited data with Verizon.  I had plan on switch over from our family from T-Mobile to Verizon but this could change things for me.

T-Mobile has always been a strong supporter of Android especially with the awesome HTC Sensation.  And I wonder just how the rumored T-Mobile iPhone will fit into this.

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