Friday, August 5, 2011

Acer Thinks Air-Style Laptops (and iPad) Are A Fad

When Steve Jobs says something, everyone listens.  And you give his words, ideas, or rants or weight.  The same goes for someone like Bill Gates, Eric Schmitz (when he's not being creepy), or Larry Ellison.  But when Stan Shih, the founder of Acer, does the same, you listen politely, wait until he leaves, and ask incredulously, "he can't seriously believe that, does he?".  

That's the feeling I got when I read that the Acer founder calling the Macbook Air a "short-term phenomena".  Seriously, you wennies in Acer PR really let this guy loose without a leash?

Dude also thinks that lower price and convenience are things that consumers want.  I'll give him points for lower price.  But what exactly does he mean about convenience?  Seriously?  Convenience for what?

It was Acer that help made the netbook market what it was at its peak.  The Taiwanese computer maker saw its fortune rose as the mini-laptops took off.  But once the iPad came onto the market, they saw their world standing drop back to ground.  I can't say what it must have been like at Acer HQ but I reckon it could not have been pleasant.

One minute you're being heralded as a pioneer and the next no one wants your wares anymore.  I suppose that Stan here is talking about his company's crashing experience regarding the iPad and the Air.  What he fails to understand is just about everything that is making the iPad such a dominant force in the market and why Apple is having problems stocking up the Macbook Airs in the store.

Source: TUAW.

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