Friday, August 19, 2011

Analyst Upgrades RIM Because HP Abandoned Web OS; Shows Wall Street Doesn't Get It

Via Bloomberg, a Wall Street analyst upgrades RIM, maker of Blackberry and Playbook, because HP decided to end its mobile experiment and kill of all Web OS development.

This really shows just how much brilliance it takes to work on Wall Street. Which is to say none at all.

RIM's problem isn't HP. Nor was HP's problem in the market blackberries specifically but rather it's the iPhone and the legions of Android devices out there.

Right now, everyone's problem in the tablet market is the iPad. And the only mobile platform out there that will challenge Apple's iOS is Android.

RIM's dismal performance in the tablet market isn't that Touchpads were outselling Playbooks. Now, I know that just maybe RIM might begin to pick up some disenchanted Web OS users but I doubt that'll be enough to suddenly vault the company back to a rate of growth that puts it on par with iOS or Android's growth.

The analyst might just as well be ready to upgrade RIM should ever decide to change the name of Playbook to something that can be taken more seriously be enterprise users.

Source: Bloomberg.

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