Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Apple Granted Preliminary Injunction In Europe To Keep Galaxy Tab 10.1 From Sale

It looks like things have been to this point faster in Europe. A German court granted Apple's request to keep Samsung from selling its Android tablet in Europe.  

Samsung will obviously appeal the ruling.  However, that could take up to 4 weeks.  I'm of the opinion that Apple isn't in this for the money.  It's in this to protect its patents and what it perceives as the uniqueness of its devices like the iPhone and iPad.

Meanwhile, the patent wars will continue in Europe and else where.  If you recall, Samsung has delayed the Tab debut in Australia last week.

Also interesting note: the same judge who issue the ruling will also be hearing Samsung's appeal.  

I've included a few links from neutral to pro-Android to pro-Apple for you to check out and see just how each side sees this issue.  

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