Friday, August 12, 2011

AT&T's Own Leaked Documents Indicate There Is No Need For It To Buy T-Mobile To Complete LTE Network

Uh-Oh...this might not be a good thing for AT&T.  According to a leaked document posted by its a law firm representing AT&T in the merger, AT&T does not have to buy T-Mobile at all for it to build out its LTE network to adequately over 97% off the US market.

DSL Reports indicates that all AT&T has to spend is $3.8 billion to make that happen.  

One has to wonder just what is AT&T trying to pull here.  The conclusion is just this:  T-Mobile represents a GSM threat and it's trying to pay for its elimination.

No more, no less.  We'll get into it as we have time to examine what's going on.  

Source: DSL Reports.

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