Monday, August 15, 2011

Best Links To Google And Motorola Mobility Hook-Up

Here are some of the better links analyzing today's deal between Google and Motorola Mobility.  I was tempted to use the term "blockbuster" but honestly, given what we know and what we don't know, this deal could go either way.  I don't think there's going to be a middle road here  Google will successfully integrate Motorola into its mobile plan or watch Android crash and burn in a couple of years.

We know one thing.  Google bought MM not from a position of strength but one of fear.  I think the great paten war has a lot to do with this but it also is looking at a way to make sure Android can survive beyond Google's search on other platforms.  

I've broken down the links into three sections, general news, analysis for the deal, and analysis against the deal.

On Android: Google partners "endorse buyout"
Wired - Move could alienate other Android device makers
Engadget - $2.5 billion break-up free, and Microsoft likely prompted Google's decision to buy MM
Technology Reivew - Why Google pulled the trigger?  To remain relevant for years to come.
Business Insider - What Google Got From the deal
Android Community - Motorola to remain independent.  haha, not likely.

Yahoo News - Purchase could be what's needed to push Android further ahead in the smartphone market.
Appleinsider - Motorola's set-top box biz could help Google TV
Techcrunch - Google is free to do as it pleases.  Pledge or not, companies will need to fall into line or they can go else where.  Android coming back under one roof.
Market Watch - Was this a good use of Google's cash?
On Android: Google partners "endorse buyout"

Macdailynews (via WSJ) - It's not obvious why Google bought MM
Moconews - Fear of uncertain Android future forced Google to act.
Macworld - I agree with this.  This will help Microsoft a lot.  After that, it's up to Microsoft.
ReadWrite - Android development less open now.
MocoNews - Android's second act...must read.
Physorg - Blow to Android partners
Insider - Bought a dysfunctional company?

Okay, so I've left it into three sections.  As I got to work on this, I really cannot pinpoint which post is just analysis, which one supports the deal and which are against the deal.  It really depends on your specific mobile take on all this. 

Interesting to see how this all works out and what Google's intentions really are.

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