Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Do-No Evil Side of Google Offers Troops Free Call Home

Google is offering service men and women free calls home when they use the calling function in Gmail.

You have to provide your military e-mail address to your Google account.  Install the plug-in and you're done.  Call home any time.  For free.

I think this is a great service that Google is offer.  Provide it does something extra more special for the troops.  Don't sell their info to the highest bidder.  Seriously, you gotta protect their privacy.  By linking their military e-mail to their gmail account, Google basically know who has served the country.

And should their accounts be hacked ,well, you have to protect them.  I know Google is doing a great service to the country by providing this free calling.  I want to believe this is the good, do-no-evil side of Google.  But sometimes, the "anything goes, no privacy, get a second-identity" Google will pop up and mess things up.

Source:  Google.

Note:  A close family member was a part of the military and was deployed overseas for war.  We used Skype then.  it was sketchy but it was nice that they had this.  He and his friends would love what Google is doing now.  However, I would worry about the privacy part.  Still, I'm glad it's Google offering this and not Facebook.

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