Wednesday, August 24, 2011

If There Are No New Hardware Tomorrow, Will You Be Fine With Your Mobile Gears?

I love mobile tech but I’m also suffering a bit of mobile fatigue.  Technology is moving pretty fast and, as a mobile warrior, I am loving it.  As a human being, I can use a break.  Appreciate what I've got.  Here’s how the rest of this post goes.

I’m writing a book.  Well, an online novel really.  It’s for children.  And I was thinking of a scenario and one thing led to another while I was watching 28 Days Later, and then it hit me.

What if for some reason, all the ships and the planes in the world had to stop and there are no new gears being shipped?  Maybe it’s a zombie infestation that resulted in a continent sized quarantine, a primate revolution that resulted in the apes taking all the new iPhones for themselves, or alien invasion that destroyed all the new hardware because they're afraid we'll upload a virus onto their mother ships and crash them simultaneously.

Or maybe one day, we ran of out those rare earth elements that are so critical to our technology today.  China cannot longer supply us with our mobile gears – phones, laptops, Android devices, Blackberries, or iPhones and iPods.  You’re stuck with the iPad you now have.  There will be no iPad 3 or Xoom 2.

What you got in your pocket, backpack, or home, that’s it.  Are you going to be satisfied with that?

I’m posing this question because I think I might sit out an upgrade cycle or two. I’m suffering from tech fatigue but mostly because I think what gears I've got are good enough for the time and should hold me over until I really see something amazing.

Obviously, that might change when Apple unveils the next iPhone or when Google shows us what it's got for Android 4 and the second generation of tablets and I'll get all jazzed up again.

But let's focus on what we have now.  Will it hold you over for a while? If you've got a Droid or you're lucky enough to get a Galaxy S II, maybe, eh?

How about those of you who just went out and bought yourself a $99 Touchpad.  Is that going to be good enough for the mobile experiences you envision having?

The iPhone 4 is still selling like hotcakes so maybe the Apple fans will be fine with them.  And the Blackberry guys?  RIM just announced new devices but they're not on the market yet.  You okay with your current BB, Storm, or Torch?

And for all those hapless Web OS folks with their Pre who had been waiting for the Pre 3.  You really are out of luck, aren't you?  Is your current Pre or Pixie good enough?

I'm putting this out there in part because up until a couple of months ago, I was content with my original iPhone from 2007.  Until the Triumph, the G1 with its weird chin did it for me.  I've got an iPad 2 but I spent some time with the original iPad this weekend and I didn't miss the iPad 2.

And I've got a new Macbook Air but I still do quite a bit of computing on my original 1 Ghz Powerbook from eons ago and my late-2007 unibody Macbook.

I'm sure some of your gears are not as outdated as mine so I reckon you probably have some pretty powerful gears you're still hanging on to.  So honestly as yourself this: can you be happy with what you already have?

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