Wednesday, August 17, 2011

iPhone 5 - September 12th? Not Gonna Happen

While I love to be wrong about this, TechRadar UK is tipping the next iPhone to come out on September 12th.  And yesterday, the general consensus among Apple blogs is that the release date is actually October 7th.  So, who's right?

Well, this is one of those things I like to iCal can come back later and see just who's right and who's not.  Me? I'm sticking with the Apple blogs on this one.

And it goes to show that while general tech sites do sometimes receive rumors about Apple plans, they generally report them without knowing that they're mostly wrong.  I know it's a click-bait thing (kinda what I'm doing now?), but if they do a bit of a research, Apple almost never release a product in an early part of the week.

Now, TR could be almost right about one thing.  September 12th, which is a Monday, could be a good day for Apple to hold a media event to introduce the iPhone 5 and refreshing the iPod line.  Then again, I reckon it'll probably be a Tuesday or Wednesday rather than a Monday.

I'll let you go over the TechRadar to read how they came about this date.  I am putting very very little stock on this date though I hope they're right.

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