Thursday, August 18, 2011

LTE (And 5G) iPhone Is Coming. But I Rather I Have Better Battery Life

We all know there is going to be an LTE iPhone some day.  A true 4G iPhone.  And we also know that there will be a 5G iPhone as well.  Of course, it’s a matter of when.

Recent posts from popular Apple sites have clues that points to LTE but they don’t tell us when that’ll be.

As someone who loves things go fast, it isn’t easy for me to say this.  I rather have Apple build the next iPhone to last.  By that, I mean I want it to have longer battery lives.  I want what I’m getting on the iPad on the next iPhone.

It will not be HSPA+ or LTE support that I care about.  Keep in mind that there are pockets of the US where they don’t have broadband.  And there is an even larger portion of the world without access to high-speed Internet.  So I think I can chug along on my CDMA 3G speed.

Plus, without unlimited access plans anymore, any increase in wireless speed only that you’ll reach your monthly limit faster.  After that, you either get throttled or be forced to pay more.

So, it won’t be LTE or 8MP camera or a bigger screen that will make me upgrade.  Those are nice to have.  But an iPad-like battery life is a must for this mobile warrior.


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