Mobile And Social Media To Drive Education And Play Big Roles

Huffintgon Post has listed 7 innovations that are driving education right now in school.

I'll let you guess what they are since they're mostly what we talk about here.

Yup, mobile tech and social media.  They mentioned iPads and smartphones but they could have just as easily replace "iPad" with "tablets" to be more politically correct.

Smartphones definitely should have a place in the market as well.  Consider the Atrix from Motorola.  Instead of a backpack, students can carry their smartphones to school.  Then dock the device into a station at school and you're off learning new stuff.  Then take that smartphone home and dock it into your station at home and you're off doing your homework.

I'll let you click through to see what else they think are driving learning in schools today.  I can say I agree with one in particular.

Here is what I want now. To be able to go back to school now.  What a time it'll be to be learning with these tech and social tools.


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