Saturday, August 27, 2011

Mobile: The iPad's Superior Battery Life Makes A Writer's Weekend Productive, Fun, And Wooy Free About Power Use

I have the iPad 2 doing the computing duties for the day. The MacBook Air is at home charging and being backed up via Time Machine. However, this isn't the first time where my iPad has taken the place of my laptop. As you might recall, I spent a lot of time with the iPad on the move with the late-2007 unibody MacBook at home.

The reason is simple. The IPad simply has superior battery life. On weekends, I am out and about. There could be times when I don't have access to an outlet to plug my MacBook into. And while I do have the Air now, 5.5 hours may not be enough.

I left the house at 9 this morning. I am in a local hospital donating platelets. And it simply would be difficult to be using the MacBook Air with just one arm avaiable. No so with the iPad. Or another tablet for that matter. As a matter of fact, I am writing this post now with the iPad and pecking out the keys with one finger.

Furthermore, I'll be writing, reading, surfing the Web, drawing, and gaming for much of the day. these are all mobile computing tasks that the iPad can handle with ease. Just about the only thing that I cannot do is update my iWeb site. And is isnt that the iPad cannot handle it. The fact is that Apple has decided to kill off the iWeb service and pretty soon, no one else will be able todo that anyway.

So I gladly take the 11+ hours on the iPad over the battery life on the Air or any other laptop. And my productivity likely isn't going to suffer much at all.

-- Post From My iPad

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