Friday, August 26, 2011

Mobile: Is Touchpad Or Last Gen Tech Good Enough? Let's Start With the Battery Life

I love the Triumph but I returned it for personal reasons.  I've got got my other mobile devices running at top efficiency.  My Android stuff, iOS stuff, and my laptops.  So I need to upgrade to anything at all for another year?

That was what I proposed in my theoretical post a couple of days ago.  And in a series, I'm gonna get more specific about apps, form factors, and, my favorite subject, battery life.

Let's start this post off with battery life.

The iPad has been giving me about 12 hours per charge and typically, my use has allowed me to keep it going for about 2 days per charge.  It's that efficient.  I don't have an Android tablet but I imagine a top device like the Xoom would give me about the same thing.  Sometimes, I will go through a day and use up the whole charge.

In a way, it reminded me of the old Palm PDA.  I had the Palm III, Palm V, and then the Zire that I bought when I even overseas.  Sweet awesome device.  I think I would still be using the Zire if not for the buzzing noise you hear when you hold it up close.  It annoying as heck but it was nice when it worked.

And as far as the battery life went, the Palm PDA did the trick.  I could go through a whole day and the battery life kept up with me.  Today's top tier tablets can do that.

Now, let's move onto the smartphones.  Many, the battery life leaves much to be desired.  The iPhones are pretty good but you cannot be a heavy user.  Even as a "moderate" user as many bloggers claim to be, the iPhones cannot last a day.  And sorry to Android phones, but I guess its good that all Android devices allow the user to swap out the battery when needed.

They are just not up to par.  You almost want tech can just freeze for a couple of years so that battery life kind of catch up, you know what I mean?

If you were lucky enough to get the Touchpad, I figure you should see some decent battery life.  Probably a couple of hours short of the iPad or the Xoom.  It's not bad and with to tools you've got there, you can really do some serious mobile damage and be very productive without worrying about the battery life.

So that kind of answer my question about whether the last gen tech is good enough from a battery life standpoint.  The Touchpad isn't really last gen but the lack of app support kind makes it feel that way.  Nor is the original iPad.  But both will do you just fine.

As for smartphones, my G1 is still able to handle most of today's mobile needs.  It's slower than today's device but the two batteries I've got for it outshines the Thunderbot any day of the week.

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