Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Mobile: Samsung Not Interested in HP's PC Biz; What about Web OS - Apple, You Want It?

Samsung has publicly declared itself out of the running for HP's business. And it's a very smart move.  It also puts an exclamation point on the state of the PC market.  What that statement is, that's for you to decide.

Samsung has found great success in the Android realm with the popular Galaxy S.  However, just today, a Dutch court ruled Samsung violated some Apple patents and will result in the banning of Galaxy phones in Europe.  Ban or otherwise, the handset business is obviously more profitable and has a higher margin than the PC business for the giant Korean tech company.

However, I'm Sammie made an inquiry or two regarding the future of Web OS.  Samsung has shown interest in licensing Web OS.  Perhaps, it might be interested in buying it from HP.
Of course, this time around, if Web OS and the rest of Palm's patents go on the auctioning block, Apple may well join in the bidding.  

But forget about the patents for a moment.  Let's talk about Web OS.  It's a wonderful HTML-based UI that runs on top of a Linux Kernel.  Did I get that right?  

I really would love to see that as a new mobile skin or on top of iOS.  I'll expand more on this later.  Let me just say, for now, that Web OS has a lot to offer.  

And if the demand created by the $100 fire sale for a dead device is any indication, there are a lot of fans out there who wants to see Web OS influence in the mobile market.

Source: BGR.

Note:  If you click through to Samsung's page through BGR's ate, you'll note that first user comment is about Web OS.

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