Monday, August 29, 2011

Mobile Weekend

I spent the weekend basically out of the house because of the heat in Los Angeles.  I know it’s nothing like what my mobile warrior readers on the east coast went through with Irene.  I’m glad it’s mostly over but you guys still need to be careful about the flooding.

Anyway, I left earning morning on Saturday because I had an appt with City of Hope so they can milk my platelets.  I took my iPad.  It was the beginning of my mobile weekend.

How did the devices hold up?

The hospital had wifi access there so I was pretty set.  And if I really needed Internet access and they did not have a public hotspot, I did have my G1 and iPhone.  I was limited with what I could do with the iPad because I only had one arm available (the other one had a needle in it), so I played a few simple games, write an article, answered a few e-mails, and read.

And then I went to a local mall to replenish myself.  I used the iPad to read a couple of books (obviously, I did not finish).  No wifi there.  That was the most reading I’ve done in one setting.  A couple of hours.  By that time, the battery life was down to about 75%.

So, since 9 in the morning to about 3pm, I’ve only used up 25% of the iPad’s battery life.  Most of the power usage was during the morning and not while I was reading.

I didn’t want to go home yet so I decided to head to Starbucks for a bit.  It was about 101 outside.  I spent more than an hour there working out some diagrams.

Eventually, I went home, do some chores and ate dinner.  And then I headed out again to meet up with a friend for coffee.  This time, I took the Macbook Air.  My friend didn’t stay long so I decided I would use the evening’s cool air and sit outside.  I got quite a bit done.  Hacked out a couple of thousands of words using Scrivener.  I also set up a couple of spreadsheets for some projects I’m working on with a doctor friend of mine.

An in all, it was a good mobile day.  My mobile devices held up for me.  I wrote last week if you could not buy another gadget and you’re stuck with what you’ve got, whether you will be satisfied or not.  I have to say with the iPad, I am.  And I’ll tell you later if I’m find with my Macbook Air that I used for most of Sunday.

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