Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Next Mobile Revolution: Making Tech and Gadgets Without Hurting the Environment

The next mobile evolution is not going to be coming out as a new gadget.  It should be about green components.  Like chips, CPU, and screens.

Today, a bunch of Chinese environmental groups unfairly accused Apple of poisoning China.  Ah, guys...look to Beijing.  The Chinese government is okay with it.  I don't agree with them but that's how their government guys do business there.  However, I am glad they brought up the issue.  It's how it was brought it up that I have an issue with.

This has been an on-going issue since the industrial revolution.  And now, I think tech giants, car companies, and others should invest their billions in trying to develop green manufacturing process and green components that do no harm its customers or the environment.  

And I know with certainty that it can be done.  It'll take money, research, and the will to make it happen.

In science, nothing is impossible.  Coming from someone who has a science background, take my word for it.  this isn't some blind faith.  I should say that "almost" nothing is impossible.  Any scientist on TV who gets interviewed about a certain theory or study and arrogantly dispute it is doing one of two things.  Forcing the issue to meet the highest standard of the scientific community or a buffoon riding on his past success and PhD.  

Trust me, I've dealt with them in the past.  Many of them I like too.

Back to green components and gadgets.  It's doable.  I'm sure we'll get there but someone like Apple, Sony, or Intel will have to take the lead on this.

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