Friday, August 12, 2011

Preparing for An Apple Event

There are some things the general public look for to.  Fall premiers of new seasons and new TV shows.  The first kick off of the NFL season.  I'm not talking about preseason but the first week when the crowd is just nuts about the whole experience.  Then there's the Apple events for us geeks.  We get a few of these a year.

You've got WWDC in June and a September iPod event.  And along the way, we might see the iPad launch in the spring.  In the past, there was more.  Macworld keynote.   Until this year, we had the iOS introduction in April.  So, you can't blame us for getting excited about these Apple events.

And here's the thing.  Most of us cannot be there.  Unlike the Macworld in the past, events where Apple introduced new products are only for the media (talk about being elite). 

Well, we have one more event coming up.  Early september makes more sense.  I had hoped for a late August event that is just me.  What's special, more so than usual, is Apple will be launching the latest iPhone at the event.  Yesterday, we talked about the iPhone 5 (4GS) and the iCloud iPhone for the lower end of the market.

At the same time, we are on the cusp of iOS 5 and iCloud.  All of that will be mixed in with the iPod refresh.  I'm putting Apple TV in all this because it's hard to see when else Apple might talk about it.

Preparation.  I work.  So I don't have the luxury staying at home or going to a coffee shop to enjoy all event.  So typically, I like to get into work early.  About 45 minutes to an hour.  

I'm in the Pacific time zone, same as Steve Jobs and Apple.  So, that helps.  Events are usually help at 10 am PST (1PM EST)

I get my work done (I deal with different time zones around the world) and make sure that there are no surprises.  A couple of times, I have had to go meet clients during events but those are rare.  I don't think it'll happen this September.  

So by coming in early, I get a good three hours before the event.  

Then about 9:45 am, I get set to prepare my cake, breakfast, and coffee.  I make a cappuccino if I can.  Typically, its a mocha.  Instant obviously.  Strong coffee.  Or I go to one of four Starbucks within minutes of driving distance.  

After that, I sit back, fire up the browser, get into four or five sites that offer live blogs of the event, and sit back and enjoy the show.  

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