Thursday, August 25, 2011

Tim Cook Will Keep Pressure On Competitors, Innovation At Apple Will Not Slow

I don't know where analysts get their information but they are worse and worse each year.  Apple has essentially locked down information in Steve Jobs' era at Apple and Tim Cook isn't likely to relax that policy any time soon.

However, this post from 9to5Mac suggests that with Tim Cook at the helm, Apple would suddenly abandon years of behavior and work.  For instance, it suggests that Cook would try to come to an understanding with its Android foes.

Apple's products are unique in their designs and how they work.  It's why you probably have an iOS device or a Macbook instead of a Blackberry, Android tablet, or a Windows laptop.  To give that unique away in any sense would dilute whatever makes Apple so special.

Not gonna happen.  Apple will keep the pressure on its competitors through protection of its intellectual properties and innovation.

Source:  9to5Mac.

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