Thursday, August 25, 2011

Without Much Native App Support, Playbook And Touchpad Users May Be Accidental Webapp Pioneers

For those of you with Playbooks and Touchpads that do no have a whole lot of native app support, you could be accidental pioneers of a new kind of mobile experience.  Web only.  That is you get all of your experience through the browser.

Well, you typify what the future could be headed.

In the past, I’ve often discussed Webapps and efforts by the likes of Google and Facebook to circumvent certain walled app store to get to users.  For the longest time, iPhone users did not have native Google Voice app support.  Instead, we had the browser version.

And it was inadequate compared to what Android users enjoyed.

And before the app store, webapps were what Apple was pushing.  Perhaps, that is the direction more folks are headed.  Even Adobe see the value of native Web support instead of Flash on mobile.

I’m not ready to give up the native apps on my iPad just yet.  But for those non-Android tablets or the iPad, you probably will be consuming most of your content through your browser.  Well, I think the rest of us will join you soon enough.

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