Thursday, September 1, 2011

5.3" Smartphone or Tablet? Samsung Note Tries To Be Both

Check out Samsung's new 5.3" Note - I guess it's a tablet. It can also be a smartphone like its Galaxy S II but with a bigger screen.  Whatever, I do like it.  However, I would only be interested if this was just a tablet with cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity but not as a phone.

Here are some well known specs:

  • Dual-core 1.4 Ghz chip and 1 GB with 16 or 32 GB storage.
  • 1280 x 800 in a 5.3" screen.  Wow!  Still, the Retina Display has a higher pixel density.
  • .39 Pounds, The iPad 2 is 1.33 lbs.  The Playbook is .9 pounds.
  • Kinda thick at 9.65 mm.  Galaxy S II comes in at 8.5 mm while the iPhone is 9.3 mm and the iPad at 8.8 mm.  
  • Has a pen input.  No thanks.  
Unfortunately, it runs Android 2.3, not the true Honeycomb version of Android.  Thought it's not a fail for me, I would like to know what the battery life is like.  

However, I see a market for this.  But I would have like Samsung to release this without the phone feature.  In fact, I would live to see Apple do something similar with the iPod touch.  I'll buy this in a heartbeat.

I've been speculating about just such a mini-tablet, or, if you will, an oversized iPod touch.  It's a market that I'm not sure Apple can afford to ignore.  I think a 5" to 6" iPod touch would be perfect for me.  And with the kind of battery life that we've come to expect from the iPad, these things will further solidify Apple's hold on the tablet market.

Source:  PC World.

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