Thursday, September 15, 2011

Does Groupon, LivingSocial, & Other Services Provide A New Way Of Living For Mobile Warriors? Maybe

I love to see Groupon, LivingSocial, and these gift-certificate services take off.  I think they're absolutely an indispensable new social service that is far more important than anything Facebook can ever provide.  And I welcome what Google will bring once they bring Deals to more cities around the country (in the US).

Initially, I was cool to these companies.  I don't need that many massages or work on my face (it's too late for me, unfortunately).  However, I am seeing a lot of deals for yoga, gyms, and other workout regimes.  And you still get your massages as well.  

So I wonder if one times things right, an user can maintain a healthy and active life just through the use of these coupons.  Recently in LA, there are martial art lessons, juigitsu, yoga classes, hypnotherapy (I don't know how effective these are), pilate classes, and I can go on. 

I would not say they're a great deal but they're decent enough if you want to try different things in your life.  Ultimately, these companies offer a chance to change how we live our lives.  We can end up trying something new and likely it.   And these workout-type deals come once or twice a week.  Add them to your regular workout if you have one and you can be looking a pretty healthy life.

And then obviously, there's the food too.  Whole Food deal from LivingSocial a couple of days ago was a hit.  I'm considering this hot dog deal for Pasadena that I can use tonight if I want to.  $16 for only $8.  Sounds like a good deal.

And not just for food and working out, there are theatre tix and cultural classes like ceramic making.  

All in all, I'm beginning to look at these sites differently.  And I'm beginning to see online news sites offer local deals.  It allows a mobile warrior to find new exciting things locally and explore the city in new ways

Right now, these deals are kind of limited but as businesses change, or new ones pop up with younger and tech and social savy owners, I see this segment of the market explode big time.

And it helps that they all have mobile apps on the major platforms.  

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