Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Future Macbooks May Have All Day Battery

Today's Intel Developer Forum has a lot of red meat for Apple fans, not just Wintel like the last. And while Apple was never mentioned, the fact that Apple still uses Intel chips in Macs says a lot. And a new chip coming out in two years will be able to take mobile computing to a whole new level compared to today.

In two years, Intel's mobile chip will consume 20x less power than chips used today and will be able to use ambient light as an energy source. On top of that, they could last up to a day of full use!

Now, sit back and think about it.

Really. You can take your Macbook out and go about your business and not have to worry about looking for an outlet. This will be a freaking dream come true for any mobile warrior. And if Intel can do that with its chips, just consider the possibilities that exist for the iPhone and the iPad. Granted that Apple will not likely use Intel chips in its iOS devices as it continues to develop along a separate path using ARM chips, we could be looking at a future where outlets are no longer a part of any mobile device. Imagine, if you will, my iPhone and iPad now sitting on my desk. Both are currently idle but their batteries are being charged by the ambient light from the bulbs lighting the office. Same for the Macbook.

I've mentioned this in the past on Clouding Around.  Calculators.  We went from having to require them to be plugged into walls at all time to using batteries to some of them requiring just a small solar cell to power even some of the more complicated mathematical operations.

So, there is precedent for this.  Mobile devices and laptops that can run all day and possibly don't need to ever be plugged into an outlet from the moment you take off the wrappings and the box.

Source:  Cult of Mac.

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