Thursday, September 15, 2011

Google To Spend Hundreds of Millions to Make Youtube Work More Like A TV

According to some insiders, Electronista is report that Google may be willing to put in serious money to make sure that Youtube has enough content to be relevant.  As for content, we're talking about TV and movies, not just stuff that some dude with a camcorder and an Internet connection puts up.

Will this help Google TV as well?  Probably won't hurt and I love to see this happen.  Right now, Youtube exists on every browser (with or without Flash) and on just about every major mobile platforms.  Youtube is obviously an app on Android but it's also a staple on the iOS devices as well.

Keep in mind that Google's recent purchase of Motorola also includes set-top boxes.  Perhaps half a billion here and there and we can see Google do what Apple has not managed to do with its Apple TV hobby.

How is Google spending this money?  It is fronting production costs, making deals with cable providers, studios, and independent film makers.  Now imagine where this will take us in a few years if Google succeeds in liberating us from paid TV as they are now.

And Google may make it happen on the cheap for viewers like us, no matter which mobile platform you're on, because all they want to do is sell ads.

Source:  Electronista.

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