Saturday, September 3, 2011

Got Cracked iPod Touch Screen Replaced

Apple rocks.  Maybe but I know for sure the dude who helped me with the problem was nice for doing what he did.  I told him the whole story and he came through for me.

And the story was that I was showing an Elmo video on youtube for my nephew when he got bored and knocked it out of my hand.

He said "Uh-oh" and mimicked the look on my face.  The sound of the iPod touch falling on their stone floor did not sound good.

And it wasn't.  Start at the upper left corner and a spider web of cracks was over the top half of the screen.  The iPod touch was still usable but it was just annoying.  I had figured that if it did not work as a mini-tablet then it would dedicate the rest of its life as an iPod.

Unluckily for me, I got a very understanding Apple Genius.

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