Friday, September 2, 2011

How Would You Use a 5" Tablet/Phone? As A Tablet or As A Phone?

I'm sitting here trying to imagine a 5" tablet or phone in my pocket.  It'll fit.  I wear generally pretty baggy pants and when I do wear jeans, well, they should be fine as well. However, I definitely don't see myself holding up a 5" device to the side of head to carry on a conversation with someone. 


This line of thought started yesterday when we heard news of the 5.3" Galaxy Note from Samsung.  I've already a few things I didn't like about it, specifically, it ran Android version of the OS rather than the tablet version, Honeycomb.


That aside, it looks like a winner if people wanted to use it as a tablet.  I reckon Samsung will probably look into releasing a model that is Wi-Fi only.  My hope is if there is ever such a device, it would work more as a tablet than a phone, hence, installed with a tablet OS.


I see people who would buy this device or the Note using headsets or Bluetooth devices instead.  Unless you're really big and tall and have a big head.  I've got an average sized head so if I could buy such a device here in the US, I'll be using it as a tablet.

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